Make Three Good Resolutions This Year and Enter The Three Peaks Challenge.

January 22, 2014

It is January, probably one of the most underwhelming months in the year – our bank balances are small and our waists are big due to the excesses of Christmas.  The weather is dull, wet, cold and does very little to lift our spirits – it feels as if winter is going to last an eternity and there is very little look forward to, especially as we have already broken most of our New Year Resolutions.  Instead of giving up and hibernating it is the time to look forwards and set ourselves challenges that will raise our spirits and be good for our health and fitness too.  Gathering a group of friends together and signing up for the National Three Peaks Challenge could be the best resolution you could ever make.

 Booking your Challenge

Obviously you are not expected to go from arm chair to mountain top in a thirty second dash – that would be extremely difficult and probably leave you gasping at the bottom of Ben Nevis wishing that you had actually hibernated instead.  You would be very wise to contact a company that specializes in organizing support for novices to train and compete in the Three Peaks Challenge so that they can complete the course safely and triumphantly.  It is advised that you book to do the challenge between June and August when the weather is generally more accommodating and the days are longer.


Once you have made the decision that you are going to attempt the Three Peaks Challenge you now have to get up off that sofa, start moving and focus your mind.  There is no doubt that scaling three peaks in three days is going to be the most tiring and of course fulfilling weekend that you will ever spend.  The challenge is demanding physically and mentally, apparently 60% of the strength required is actually mental strength so it is important that you have psyched yourself up sufficiently to deal with the challenges you will meet.

Choose Good Support

This is how you organize your challenge so that you can complete it in the safest and most organised way possible.  First of all you need to choose a company that specializes in organizing teams for the National Three Peaks Challenge, they will provide all the tools and information that you will need such as; a training schedule, opportunity to hire a mountain leader to assist you on the challenge as well as safety vehicles and all of the equipment you need such as maps and radios etc.  You will be informed about what you will need to organize such as; suitable clothing, food, transport and sleeping arrangements. 


Mountain walking is strenuous but so rewarding when you reach the peak and you can see the most beautiful view of the world around you.  There is no meal more satisfying than a cheese sandwich at the top of one of the highest peaks in the country.  You will have a most wonderful and memorable time working as a team and overcoming hurdles – your photographs will be stunning and imagine how fantastic your bed will feel after you get home.

What Are You Waiting For?

The only question left to ask is, ‘What are you waiting for? ‘- Get off that sofa and plan the adventure of a lifetime!


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